Facilitating a strategic shift
for a large mental health provider

Northpoint is one of the largest providers of mental health services in Yorkshire. They aim to deliver effective mental health support and to improve the mental health system in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

When Duncan Pearse took on the CEO role, he turned to
ThinkforWellbeing to help his established team implement their strategy and build on previous successes.

Duncan knew that a strategic shift in a large, regional organisation takes time to embed and with a busy team of 250 people he needed some extra support to do that well.

Duncan said:

“We had the right strategy but I needed extra capacity to bring it to life. Jo’s strategic experience and ability to take people on a journey made her perfect for the job. Jo has an inclusive communication style but she’s not afraid to challenge or have difficult conversations. That’s essential for organisational and strategic change.”

Jo’s first step was to build a collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities Northpoint faced to enable the team to take ownership of the strategy and implement it confidently.

Jo led workshops that encouraged honesty about what was worrying or exciting Northpoint colleagues. Duncan was a participant rather than the leader in the process so he could also share his feelings alongside colleagues. Jo surfaced everyone’s ideas so she could visualise a journey, the risk factors and opportunities they had shared.

Not everyone enjoys speaking up in a large group, so Jo followed the group workshops up with one-on-ones to ensure everyone had a voice. This patient approach meant that once the ideas phase was complete, project owners trusted Jo to support them in developing implementation plans. After which Jo encouraged them to lead sessions with the rest of the Northpoint team to share their plans.

This approach worked well because it empowered the senior team and gave other staff a chance to air their views before the strategy was finalised.

Not only did creating the time and space for people to listen to each other ensure sure everyone had a voice, it helped build a better understanding of pressures and allowed people to play to their strengths. Everyone’s contribution was valued.

Jo developed a toolkit and delivered a webinar alongside Northpoint managers to launch the new strategy. To help ensure the team remain on track, Jo also created project management tools to monitor progress and report to the board of trustees.


  • A strategy that’s owned by all staff
  • Individuals (at every level) feel empowered and confident to deliver it
  • Colleagues have an improved appreciation of other’s roles
  • Detailed plans and tracking tools to retain focus and maintain good governance
Duncan said:

“Involving Jo created the capacity and discipline that enabled us keep to timeframes, while making everyone feel able to contribute. One year on people are leading the way in their areas of responsibility, and we’ve made significant progress on the delivery of our strategy. I’d recommend Jo because she delivers high-quality, timely work – and she just gets it”


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